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  • Bicycle Safety and Helmet Distribution, Point Lookout, NY

    The New York Coalition for Transportation Safety, at the request of Nassau County Legislator Denise Ford, conducted a bicycle safety educational program in Point Lookout, NY. The program included instruction in bicycle safety and the distribution of bicycle helmets to nearly 50 children and adults who attended. According to Legislator Ford, Point Lookout and its surrounding communities have the most bicyclists on the streets in Nassau County at any given time. Legislator Ford, who donated more than 2 dozen helmets for the event, urged her constituents to ride their bikes carefully and responsibly. “I hope that promoting bicycle safety will improve the well-being of our residents, reduce injuries and save lives.”   



    NY Coalition for Transportation staff fit bicycle helmets for both

    youngsters and adults who participated in the Pt. Lookout Bicycle

    Safety Education Program and Helmet giveaway. Legislator

    Ford (top) watches as a young man gets his first bicycle helmet.