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Initially the Coalition was a single focus group which sought to help reduce motor vehicle related trauma by increasing motor vehicle passenger safety belt use in the State of New York. In time it became apparent that many complex factors contribute to motor vehicle and pedestrian injuries. We then expanded our scope to include safety programs for pedestrians and cyclists as well as motorists, updating the designation of our organization to the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety (NYCTS), a title better reflecting our expanded and holistic efforts. The following list serves as a guide to the types of grant funded activities conducted by the NYCTS:


 Assembly programs for children in grades K-12

 Bicycle safety programs

 Pedestrian safety programs

 School bus safety programs

 Mature driver and pedestrian programs

 Bilingual (English/Spanish) programs

 Programs for children with special needs

 Classroom instruction in travel training for young people with disabilities

 Child passenger safety seat installation


Since 1987 the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety has received grants from federal, state, local and private agencies to develop and conduct public information and education campaigns in a variety of localities.

Cynthia Brown is the Executive Director of the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety, a non-profit, statewide organization established in 1982.  The Coalition was founded jointly by the Medical Society of the State of New York and the American Association for Automotive Medicine originally to gain passage of the seat belt use law in New York State.

Mrs. Brown's current mission is to design and implement programs that reduce injuries and fatalities resulting from motor vehicle crashes including pedestrian and bicycle safety.  She is the administrator of the Queens County Traffic Safety Program, which focuses upon pedestrian and bicycle safety programming for children, teens, developmentally disabled teens and older adults including new immigrants in high risk areas. Programming takes place within schools, churches, hospitals and community centers. In addition, Mrs. Brown conducts bicycle safety programs in Nassau County for Latino adults who use their bicycle as their main means of transportation.

Mrs. Brown also works collaboratively with several local agencies to reduce the incidences of drunk driving, distracted driving and risky behaviors engaged by novice drivers.  She is secretary of the Queens Traffic Safety Board and a member of the Nassau County Traffic Safety Board, the Nassau County Child Fatality Review Team, and the Long Island Teenage Safety Coalition.

Cynthia Brown, Director
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