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Mayor Eric Adams announces NYC’s latest traffic safety effort - NYC intersections to be redesigned.

January 19, 2022

Mayor Eric Adams announces NYC’s latest traffic safety effort.. 1,000 NYC intersections to be redesigned; drivers and bicyclists must stop for pedestrians at non-signalized intersections; and, there will be more police enforcement of these new rules.

This regulation was effective immediately. The penalty for disobeying it is a $50 fine. When the Commissioner, Ydanis Rodriguez, was asked whether it could lead to the NYPD increasingly targeting cyclists, the Commissioner said that a dragnet on bikers is not the intent.

“I don’t see right now that this rule that is in effect today will be doing anything more than protecting the pedestrians,” said Rodriguez, the former upper Manhattan Councilmember, and chair of the Council Transportation Committee, “but anything that relates to cyclists being targeted, we will be working with the cyclist community.”

As for enforcement, Rodriguez said New Yorkers can rest assured that under the new mayor, NYPD officers will take failure-to-yield violations and other traffic infractions more seriously than they did under de Blasio. #trafficsafety #intersections #crosswalks #nyc #pedestriansafety

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